Saturday, November 5, 2011

News Trade Sniper by Imran Sadiq

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News Trade Sniper have assembled a team of highly qualified, professional traders who specialize in trading news events, to deliver a combination of high quality products including:

- a LIVE trading room (on average there are 35 webinars a month where live trades are delivered in conjunction with educational training suitable for traders of all experience)

- an automated spike trading tool which is a PERFECT complement to the trading room. Without this tool it would be almost humanly impossible to enter and exit the spike trades.

- a signals service, based on long-term swing trading, PROVEN to be profitable over an EXTENDED time period.

Over the course of the last two years, our traders have not experienced a single losing month. In that time, their accounts have collectively grown by over 322%.

Our dedicated support team assist our traders with providing diligent and rapid response to our customers as well as with the organization of the webinars each week.

Our members will also have a STUNNING members area at their disposal where they can access complementary resources to maximize the value from the trading membership and tools.

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