Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lethal Commission by Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim

This Post is Anik Singal + Jimmy Kim's Lethal Commission Review - Click below If You’re looking for:
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The Lethal Commission Software package is AMAZING. It's created to be 100% Newbie friendly. It designed to make a series of high power networks and high power authority blogs all in one MAIN user interface. Simply input your details and view as it siphons income from many sources on COMPLETE autopilot.

The software is targeted on two different degrees of traffic. It utilizes launch traffic and indexation of content. In addition, it permits you to create long lasting link building automatically for monster rankings on the search engines like google.

All of this is done from ONE control panel that controls ALL your sites at once with an easy to use desktop application.
  • The first offer is the Lethal Commission Software. The Lethal Commission Traffic Software provides you with 2 EXTRA tools that boosts your traffic very quickly. It will help your sites get discovered, crawled and provide them ranking "kick start" automatically. It automatically notifies all the blog search engines daily and posts it to their sites to get 1000's of new people every day.
  • The second tool is designed to create backlinks. We take the site's RSS feeds and automatically submit them to all the TOP RSS directories to get you immediate backlinks and exposure for laser targeted traffic. We utilize a secret yet powerful method to get the sites noticed, ranked and pushed straight to the top of search engines with very minimal work - sometimes OVERNIGHT!
  • The second offer is the Lethal SEO software. The Lethal SEO software gives access to another hidden tactic that is able to receive even MORE traffic by tapping into a massive buckling network from some of the highest ranked properties out there.
This will create a power house of backlinks that will DRAMATICALLY increase your credibility, ranking, traffic, conversion and sales all on autopilot. Simple create a campaign and let it run on its on. Taking your site traffic to the NEXT LEVEL.

The last offer entails a 15 Campaign MONTHLY done for you offer, in which the user will receive 15 full unique campaigns - MONTHLY.

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