Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FarmVille Secrets by Tony Sanders Review

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FarmVille SecretsFarmVille Secrets by Tony Sanders is the first strategy guide that will show you everything you need to launch your farming career through the roof and also from there it keeps you powering through everything at the top levels. The ebook guide aimed at FarmVille players struggling in making money on FarmVille, slow in leveling up and also earning Farm Cash. And Farmville Secrets certainly addresses all 3 of these aspects and more.

In The FarmVille Secrets Guide You Will Learn:

- Exactly how to master each level

- Exactly how to make millions on autopilot

- Exactly how to stockpile experience

- Exactly what crops to plant and harvest

- Exactly how to build the ultimate farm

- Exactly how to dominate farmville

- And many, many more!

Here are two excerpts from the Farmville Secrets eBook Guide:

"It's good to plan your planting around your schedule so that you'll know when you can get back to check on your farm and harvest your crops. Ultimately, xxxxxxxx will be the best crop to plant (balancing Profit/Hour... and experience), but it'll take you a while to reach a high enough level to be able to plant them."

"Strawberries don't give you the best return on your investment, but they do give you enough so that you'll be way ahead by the time you harvest them."

Pros and Cons of Farmville Secrets


- Farmville Secrets is a great ebook guide that can teach you progress quickly through the farmville game.

- It will tell you all about things you never thought of to bring money in and grow your farm.

- It will show you how to speed up and make better use of your play time.


- It will take a little while to figure out how to implement all the tricks.

- It will mess up the "fun" part of the game for you, in my opinion.

- It will slowly start making you want to spend more time playing.

The Conclusion ...

Farmville Secrets is the best Farmville system guide ever created. This ebook guide will teach you hidden cheats, strategies and hints on how you can maxed out your farmville cash or even earned every Ribbon or achieved that $1,000,000 villa.

So if you want to start making millions on Farmville and also have your friends green with envy, Farmville Millionaire Secrets is what you will need.

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2012 Official Countdown by James Michael Review

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2012 Official CountdownThe 2012 Official Countdown is an extensive ebook that discusses the 2012 phenomena and that the mayan long calendar which is thousands of years old will end and also with it a lot of people believe the world will end as well. Now there are numerous theories to this situation, ranging in any place from polar shifts, planetary collisions and extreme natural disasters that would wipe out the entire inhabitants on earth.

The guide 2012 official countdown does an excellent work of describe all the possible situations that could occur in 2012 and also providing a solid foundation for each one, answering all the why's. James goes into all the prophecies, including those made by the Indigenous Americans, Mayas, Hopi people, Merlin, Sybils, the Hindu, the Celts, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, the Bible, the Druids, and the Web Bot Project.

Having read through a couple of other mayan prediction ebooks it was a very nice change to be able to easily read this guide without wracking my brain over trying to understand all the math and theory. Generally it is the ideal guide for somebody who wants to get all the information without having to read until 2012 to understand it all!

Why Should You Read 2012 Official Countdown?

If you understand what might potentially happen during that year, you can actually take a lot of steps to prepare for it and also come out of it much better than others who do not understand something about it. But even though no one knows exactly what will befall during that time, James has discovered reliable proof and also evidence as to what can possibly happen. I must admit that I was a real skeptic about end-times theories until I found out the facts in 2012 Official Countdown.

In the 2012 Official Countdown you'll learn...

- The very real impending threat of worldwide domination stemming from 2012. And how this takeover can be accomplished with no boots on the ground at all..

- The mystery of the “modern mayans”... and how the History Channel and National Geographic may have been lying to you all along...

- Exactly where you DON'T want to be on that fateful date. And where your head MUST BE in order to thrive once all is said and done...

- How a decree from the Pope himself may be the reason the truth is so hard to find. And you'll understand how to cut through the muck to separate fact from fiction...

- The way in which ancient and modern beliefs intersect on the topic of 2012. Yes... scientists and Shamen on the same side for a change...

- Whether the US will survive this calamity... and what you can “bank on” when the entire financial system collapses. Will cash be king?

- How the Mayan Skywatchers worked backwards to discover the precise moment the planets would “reset.” Is this the big do-over the world needs?

- The down and dirty truth about how the calendar we have been using for centuries is so inaccurate we would have done better to just carve days into a tree trunk...

The Bad Point:

- 2012 "Experts" may find they understand a great deal of the information, although some small details may still surprise them.

- Those seeking out deep detailed information regarding the Mayans may need to look elsewhere.

The Good Point:

- Easy to understand, although still highly informative.

- Many details are explained fully which are generally difficult to find elsewhere.

- Instead of being purely a "Mayan Calendar" prophecy guide it makes numerous connections which solidifies many predictions all the more.

- Goes beyond prophecies by explaining what you will need to do for survival and where you should be living come 2012 should the doomsday prophecy come true.

- Ties in many conspiracy theories regarding the NWO & Illuminati. A great deal of which appears well researched.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to understand everything there is to know about the 2012 doomsday predictions as well as what to do to prepare yourself this is the ebook guide to get! Deeply detailed although still an simple read that will keep you engaged. 2012 Official Countdown by James Michael Sayer is a must have for anyone concerned about this ominous date.

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